1. But healing
    Isn’t just time-
    It’s space, love, energy, emotions,
    Reflections, understanding, thoughts,
    Fears, laughter, solitude, -surrender,
    It could be more, it could be less.
    It could be the stranger
    In the coldest of winters
    Walking past you,
    Giving you the warmth of their body
    Just for that split second,
    And you can realize the
    Magnitude of gaps people fill
    And the magnitude of gaps they leave-
    You can realize
    It’ll be your choice-
    To leave them open,
    Or leave them closed.


  2. I exiled my breathe
    To find its faults
    And right its wrong.
    To come back to me
    With words worth


  3. Having great ideas while you’re half awake is like a hostage situation between your mind and body. Like you know you need to get up and write that shit down but, you’re stuck negotiating whether you actually need to- can you risk going back to sleep and hope you’ll remember it. And deep down you know you won’t but there’s always that moment of negotiation. And if you do finally get that push to write it down, the idea wasn’t as great as it was in your head. Time is crucial indeed.


  4. Article titles I’ve misread

    "This guy takes awesome underwear photos with his desktop scanner"


  5. Age and experience do not fall on a linear equation. Don’t let anyone make you believe you needed to achieve something at a certain age. We all take different paths, some take longer than others for various reasons- we may end up at the same place at the end, or we may end up in a different place, as long as it’s the place we wanted to end up in, everything is just fine.


  6. a forgotten
    it slips through
    Your cheeks-
    How cruel has the world been
    For you to be comforted
    By a simple gesture.


  7. Sometimes
    the rain
    has to remind
    the Earth,
    it’s still alive.

  8. when I took this picture I didn’t really put any thought behind it, I just laid them out as I found them in my mom’s purse that was lying behind the “Alumari” (side note: apparently that’s a portugese word. Yay for wikipedia).

    Anyways, now that I think about it all this Sri Lankan money is probably be worth about 10 american dollars! also the obvious almighty dollar symbolism is there.


  9. clouds are marching crowds are searching